Work principles

1. High quality of product & process in all aspects. 

2. Flexible structure. The think tank does not have a permanent staff. We are an international network of heavyweight thinkers. Each time team members are handpicked to suit exact tasks. They are senior trustworthy professionals with the exact skill set needed for your project. Most of the times average age of project group is 50+. 

3. <10 selected client projects a year. 

4. A think tank is run by Darius Bagdžiūnas. Short bio:

- 20 years manager of leading Lithuanian digital agency network "Gaumina" in Lithuania, UK, Ireland.

- 5000+ digital, innovative, strategy, advertising  projects

- 100+ awards in internet & advertising festivals

- 300+ lectures

- 300+ publications

- 4 exits

- 20+ jury head/member in international advertising / digital festivals



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