A think tank 


Layers of our work:

Organisation level.

Audits, strategies and implementation supervision of projects oriented into creating / supporting a competitive gene within your organisation. 

Product level.

Innovative product research and development, sales strategies, value added service creation.

Project level.

Audit of your digital projects, technical and creative tasks, usability studies, project implementation from beginning to end.

The strict control of research, process, people, creative methodologies and tools we give birth to new ways outrun your competition.

At this stage we gamify results from left block into interactive experiences. 

Organisation level.

Work with management in order to implement innovations, create competitive advantages, turn around organisation with minimum opposition.

Product level.

Advertising  strategies, positioning, branding, creative work, consumer touch points.

Project level.

Ideas, design, copywriting, gamification, programming and creative supervision of all project implementation aspects.

The chaos of creativity multiplied by bravery and pop culture ensures that your message will stand out in the world of noise.

Plc "Inovacijos ir pasakos"

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